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Meeting Marlow: Anthony’s Story

Welcome to the second installment of Meeting Marlow: our campaign that follows Premier’s mascot as he travels throughout California to make the acquaintance of some of our special patients. Each touching encounter between our patients and Marlow allows us to tell their individual stories.

This time, Marlow meets Anthony, a two and a half-year-old patient who receives in-home nursing care.

Anthony is making strides on his road to a full recovery every day!

Anthony was born full-term in early December, 2015. He was a healthy baby in-utero and his mom’s pregnancy was a perfect one—not even any morning sickness! Everyone expected a healthy delivery, but a medical mistake ultimately resulted in birth trauma that left Anthony with a myriad of lasting health issues.

Anthony was transferred to CHOC Children’s where he spent his first four months of life. The amazing staff there worked diligently to determine an accurate diagnosis. Although he was sent home with numerous medical devices, his parents were given what was essentially a blank canvas as far as what to expect from his recovery.

Thankfully, since beginning his health journey he has made so many strides toward a full recovery—and Premier has been there every step of the way! Learn more about this special little boy by watching him ‘Meet Marlow’ in the video above!

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